How to trace a cylinder-head gasket

There are several points to consider:

  • the gasket is not flat
  • it has more than 1 color
  • it is 2mm thick
  • brinks are ragged

Attempt 1
If you scan the gasket with a scanner, this is how it looks like:

There are some shades on the left side of the cylinder-area.

Attempt 2
Scanning the gasket without a cover:

Shades are gone, the rest is too dark to trace.

Attempt 3
If you put the gasket on a white paper ind the sun, and take a picture with a camera, this is what you get:

Attempt 4
Taking the picture in a cloudy weather

In both cases the little shade is bad for tracing the image

The soluton:
Tape the seal on a white paper and tape that paper (with the part) on a window. Take a picture.

This dows the trick.

Tracing the part with 4-Scan is easy:

Use the blur filter in 4-Scan to flatten the curve:

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